Steve has rewired numerous properties and can advise on all that you need to think about.

It’s a good idea to think ahead. How will you be use electrical items in the future? You may need more internet-connected devices. Your living room may become an entertainment centre.

A rewire is a good opportunity to replace or add new power sockets and light fittings, and to install a new consumer unit (or fuseboard.) Plan your rewire to include additional wiring capacity for your future needs.

Possible future needs include:

• Wall-mounted TV’s
• Wifi points
• External power for hot tubs/garden lighting/shed

You can also consider sensible additional capacity, for example a separate circuit for critical appliances. For home, items such as a freezer. For business, IT equipment. This means that the critical appliance will not be switched off in the event of another appliance on the same circuit failing.

Steve is very experienced in rewiring and has rewired many different types of property. He can advise you on what you need to think about so that you get the best possible result for your electrical needs now and in the future.

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