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Safety is Steve’s number one priority.

Regular electrical testing ensures that all electrical equipment is:

• Wired correctly
• Installed correctly
• In good condition

Steve carries out electrical testing for all types of property. This will highlight any issues and specify the action required to address them.

Steve is authorized to provide the required certification.

Rental properties- landlords are required to have full electrical testing of their rental properties every 5 years

Domestic properties should be tested every 10 years

Your consumer unit should display a sticker stating when it was installed or the last inspection date. If your unit does not have a sticker, and you don’t have a compliance certificate, then a test is probably due.

Electrical Testing Horsham

Electrical testing includes these checks:

• Consumer unit (fuseboard.) Is it sealed with no holes?
• Is every circuit is RCD protected?
• Are gas supply and water mains earth bonded?
• Are circuit breakers matched to the cables, to prevent overload?
• Is the RCD working correctly
• Are power sockets and light switches functioning correctly?
• Is the main meter head in good condition
• Is distribution equipment accessible? Are fixings secure and is the isolating function operating?
• End of circuit earth fault testing

A compliance certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of electrical testing.

Keep your property safe and prevent problems with regular electrical safety testing

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